Friday, October 12, 2007


NaNoWriMo dare: Robots, an incurable disease, and/or cannibals. Of course I must stir in all three. The first two were already in the cauldron. The third feels inevitable, given the metaphor here, and my history.

Also someone dared the board to make up expletives and offensive terms. That's a wonderful idea. I will look up some etymology and craft something sexy to replace "fuck". Although (this has nothing to do with the dare, really) maybe this could lead to a word-count-boosting chapter about how the expletive "fuck" was phased out of the English language. We'll see.

There was a good dare about not violating known physical laws. I would take this dare, but at least a quarter of The Word Is Law will take place in an MMORPG (another semi-dare that I was going to do already). Violation of physical laws will be an eighth of the fun.

"Water" will be replaced with "dihydrogen monoxide". Perfect. Other common things will be treated in this way, not based on a dare, but for continuity.

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