Thursday, November 8, 2007

Week One Roundup

Total Word Count (TWC): 5,059

Day one was a breeze. WORD apologetics. Day two sucked. Crap writing, only 864 words. I hate beginnings. Days three and four were complete washouts. Could not bear it. Yesterday I began to use the footnotes.

Thank you Danielewski and Borges and Nabokov and S. Clarke for the footnotes. If you guys hadn't thought of it, I would have had to do so, and then it never would have happened.

Years ago, I got farther along on a novel than ever before, or since. That novel was called "Unnatural Disasters," and to write what was written of it I employed the footnotes technique. I still intend to finish it, footnotes and all. It sucks to use the same technique on more than one novel but as long as I don't use it anymore after that I think it will be all right.

Also, tonight I drank three Mojitos. I believe they helped.

5059 words are behind, but they're a hot little behind that you just want to smack playfully with a riding crop.

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